Turning Dreams Into Reality

Our dynamic services blend the latest equipment, creative minds, and most importantly, you! Whether you are a seasoned designer with a clear vision of what you need, or you have a blank canvas to work with, we have the solutions for you. Our team runs from no challenge and we enjoy working with clients that think outside the box. With new creative projects we are able to produce products that stand out from the crowd.

Design & Engineering

Design and engineering can be two of the most important phases of any project. At this stage, your concept becomes dimensional. Materials, finishes, and processes are specified, options are defined, colors are mixed and match, and your sketch comes to life with 2D and 3D imagery. We use a proprietary blend of tasteful design and value engineering to meet your specific needs, no matter how simple or complex. Additional offerings include 3D files, full scale prototypes when necessary. 3D files enable us to better plan for the structural needs of a product as well as gives you, the customer the ability to see what might have started as a scribble on a napkin in true 3D form, making sure the original vision or design intent is being followed. It's technologies like these that add to the list of deliverables we provide.

Project Management

Communication has always been, and will continue to be the driving force of our business. At Clear Sign & Design, we know that a business cannot succeed without timely and accurate communication. That’s why we spend so much time developing and training our Project Management and support staff. We understand that having a single point of contact gives our customers peace of mind and, also helps streamline our internal processes. Combine our talented PM staff with an advanced, cloud-based project tracking system, and you have a potent mixture focused on the success of your project, no matter the size or location. In general, your assigned Project Manager is responsible for the overall success of your project from start to finish.


Our 18,000 sqft. manufacturing facility in Southern California is where raw materials are transformed into art. Our team can deliver monument/pylon structures or beautifully crafted ADA signs with stone accents. We have two flat-bed CNC routers, automated shear and break, laser engraving, and MIG/TIG welding capabilities. We offer on-premise paint matching with a wide variety of finish coat options. Our experience in LED illumination blends light to compliment the product. Clear Sign & Design is a UL48 qualified manufacturer, allowing us to design and build your custom product to UL's strict criteria and carry a UL listed label for permanent ID.



is providing clear results

and value with a proprietary blend of





"Our passion is providing clear results and value with a proprietary blend of talent, technology, and creativity"


Our professional installation team brings your envisioned products to life after weeks or months of design, planning, and fabrication. Each team member is carefully selected and extensively trained, with impressive credentials including OSHA-30, UL-48, CPR, First Aid, crane rigging, and secondary fall protection certifications, as well as Class-B commercial driver’s licenses, forklift and crane operator’s licenses, and a California state-certified electrician. Our modern fleet of high reach equipment, including crane and bucket trucks, trailers, and service trucks, is relied upon by our professionals. We also have an extensive database of qualified installers located in every corner of the United States and abroad to support our national customers with multi-state locations.

Repairs & Maintenance

Although we pride ourselves in designing beautiful and easy to service products to meet your life expectancy and durability requirements, even the best products need some TLC at some point. And when they do, we can help. Whether your products are in need of a fresh coat of paint, updated lighting, or a completed redesign, our process stores your existing production files for life, making it easy for most projects to be remade, repaired or replaced. Sign removals and fascia repair is another service we provide when helping our clients close, move or expand.

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